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Silent Quest A+ Locked Browser Installation

If you need to deploy the Locked Browser to many Windows computers, first make sure you've obtained the Lab Edition of Locked Browser from one of our contacts.

The key to deploying an InstallShield installer is the creation of an installation settings (.iss) file which is then passed to subsequent installation targets. For example:

  1. Install once with: QuestAPlus.exe /r
    This will generate the file c:\windows\setup.iss. You can specify your own file name and location with the /f1 flag. For example:
    QuestAPlus.exe /r /f1"C:\Users\John.Doe\Desktop\mysetup.iss"
  2. Copy both the .iss file and the installer .exe into a network-accessible folder.
  3. Create a batch file with the following contents:
    pushd \\unc\path\to\installer\folder
    QuestAPlus.exe /s /SMS /f1"%CD%\setup.iss" /f2"%TEMP%\setup.log" /v"/qn"
  4. Deploy the batch file and arrange for it to be executed by the system.

Pushd will dynamically assign a drive letter to the UNC path that you specify and will change the current directory to the path, making QuestAPlus.exe and setup.iss easily accessible.

Then the installer will be called. The flags tell it to follow the specific settings from the file provided in /f1 (%CD% is the current directory), to do so silently (/s), and to wait until the installer completes (/SMS) before passing control back to the batch file.

When the installer receives the /s flag, it outputs its progress to a setup.log file that we are redirecting here to the TEMP folder with the /f2 flag. If you decide to adjust this location, make sure it's set to a writeable folder, or the installation will simply fail.

Finally popd will disconnect the dynamic drive letter mapped by pushd and return to the previous directory.

Silently Uninstalling Locked Browser

When updating to a new version of Locked Browser, it is sometimes necessary to first uninstall the existing version. Automating this process is very similar to the one above: first record a manual uninstall, then use the generated .iss file to perform uninstalls in other machines.

  1. Uninstall once with:
    QuestAPlus.exe /r -removeonly /f1"c:\uninstall.iss"
  2. Run a batch file like the one above, but add the -removeonly flag and the correct name for your uninstall.iss file:
    QuestAPlus.exe /s /SMS -removeonly /f1"%CD%\uninstall.iss" /f2"TEMP%\setup.log"

If you have any questions please contact us.

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