Quest A+

Recommended Flash Settings

Generally speaking, if the Test for Locked Browser is successful when run from a student account, there is no need to inspect Flash's settings. The same is true if Flash has just been installed or updated.

However, these settings are easily changed, so it may be necessary to revise them.

Local Settings

  1. Go to Secure Exams and right-click anywhere.
  2. Select "Settings..."
  3. Make sure the third tab in the bottom row is selected. It looks like an open folder. This is the "Local Storage" tab.

    Screenshot of Flash local settings.

  4. It should look very similar to the image above, asking how much information can be stored by The slider value should be 100 KB.

Global Settings

There are a few different ways of reaching the Global Settings:

  • Go to Secure Exams, right-click anywhere, and select "Global Settings..."; or
  • On Windows: click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Flash Player; or
  • On Mac: System Preferences... > Flash Player (under Other)

Inside the Global Settings, under the Storage section, there are three choices:

Three storage-related choices from Flash's global Storage 

The first option is the simplest way of ensuring that Quest A+ has a chance to work as intended. The second option is not bad, but it means that Flash will interrupt the student in order to obtain confimation. The third option will not allow Quest A+ to work correctly during Secure exams.

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