Quest A+

Help for Students and Parents

Help for students who want to take a secured exam, and information for parents about Quest A+

What is Quest A+?

Quest A+ is an online assessment platform that allows students to take secured exams. In order to complete a successful secured exam, students will need to know how to use Quest A+. This page will help students practice logging in, navigate the website, and study for the exam.

What exams can I write on Quest A+?

Preparing for a Secured Exam

LockDown Browser must be installed on PCs and Macs in order to write a secured exam. See the Help page for installation instructions.

Adequate internet connectivity is required.

PCs and Macs can be school owned or student owned devices. For Chromebooks, only school-owned devices can be used.


  • How can I make sure my computer is ready to write an exam on Quest A+?
    Use the Trial Run Guide under Printable Documents to ensure you can access secured exams on your device.
  • How do I sign in to write secured exams on Quest A+?
    You will need to enter your birthdate, Alberta Student Number (available from your school’s office staff or on myPass), Exam PIN and Start Code. (You will receive the codes from the exam supervisor at the time of writing.) For more information, please see the Trial Run Guide under Printable Documents.
  • How do I use Quest A+?
    To learn how to log in and navigate the website, use the Trial Run Guide under Printable Documents below.
  • How will I receive results for exams written on Quest A+?
    Your teacher will give you results from a field test or PAT. For Diploma exams, approximately 3 weeks after the administration, student results are available on myPass at For assistance with myPass, contact the Help Desk at 780-427-5318 (Dial 310-0000 to be connected toll-free from outside the Edmonton area.)

Printable Documents

Printable Documents are currently provided only in English.

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